Development Vision

Chehalis Tribal Enterprises (CTE) is devoted to creating economic opportunity for its people, the public of Grand Mound and the adjacent communities. We have a vision for improving the vitality of southern Thurston County, and it involves you. In the last 20 years, planning and infrastructure investments have encouraged substantial expansion. There has been a surge of residential and commercial development in the area, and now is the time for businesses to capitalize on the assets Grand Mound has to offer. Tribal planning is a faster process than County planning, which allows for quick and predictable development.

Making Your Investment Work

The Puget Sound region is one of the most vibrant in the nation – with record population and economic growth in recent years.

Increasing tourism to the region, urban dwellers from Seattle and Portland pursuing recreational opportunities, and local residents enjoying increasing prosperity mean that The Crossroads at Grand Mound is positioned to appeal to a wide range of customers.


Appealing risk profile

Working with leading planners and designers, CTE has conceived a master plan that will support a long-term development vision for the area. CTE’s goal is to expand a diverse economic base in the region that’s resilient to market cycles. We anticipate that our developments will increase the number of family-wage jobs as well as providing opportunities for part-time work and training to support a diverse workforce. Tourism, retail outlets and professional locations will bolster shopping and service opportunities. Light industrial businesses will further expand the employment market.

Quality Design

Open-air plazas, modern development standards, a local identity, streamlined vehicle access, and walkability will be the hallmarks of local development. Safe opportunities for walking and biking will provide local residents and visitors access to multiple retail and food service locations. Planned shuttle connectivity to amenities including the Great Wolf Lodge and Lucky Eagle Casino means a carefree experience for guests. Open space will be generously distributed among the developments to serve the community’s desire for more parking locations.

CTE is working with nationally recognized firms with local offices to ensure an appropriate mix of high quality design with responsive service. These firms include PacLand, Swinterton Builders, and others. CTE will work with partner’s preferred design teams and contractors to uphold brand standards and quality, or can recommend firms in our network.

Quality Development

Increasingly discriminating customers are more apt to patronize locations that are distinct and reflect their lifestyle choices. The Crossroads at Grand Mound offers all the elements brands need to attract customers to their locations and wow them once inside.

The Crossroads is being developed to ensure strong visibility into the site and all buildings from the freeway overpass. By establishing an open park at the northeast corner of the site and other amenities including water features, native-inspired sculptures, interpretive exhibits, and gardens, visitors will have a multitude of reasons to visit and stay. Our designers are ensuring that the architecture reflects a Northwest aesthetic and wows visitors. Vehicle and pedestrian amenities provide easy access to locals walking over after work or tour groups coming through via bus.

Chehalis Tribal Enterprises has already partnered with leading quick service brands to roll out their freshest prototypes. The Crossroads will be a neighborhood center that will serve both local clientele and an increasing number of visitors coming to the area because of local hospitality amenities, or as a stopover to urban or recreation locations.

Because CTE is a long-term partner dedicated to being a cornerstone for a growing community, we have established development standards that will support visibility and distinct brand character, while maintaining an upscale environment for our tenants. CTE is looking to harness new innovations in signage to maintain visibility for customers. CTE is working alongside professional designers with nationwide retail experience to craft standards that elevate our tenants’ brands while maintaining a unique character for The Crossroads development.