Eagle 4

Centered around a commuter traveler rest stop, Eagle 4 is positioned at a high traffic corner with lightning fast access to I-5, making it an ideal location for two restaurants (one fast food, one fast casual), retail store and espresso stand. The fueling station will be anchored by a 5,000 sq. ft. branded convenience store.

Eagle 4 Site Information
Size4.1 Acres
Parking ProvidedMinimum 70 Stalls
Road AccessVehicular access from Elderberry, 196th and Edinger Morris St. Frontage improvements anticipated providing accessible walks. The site is level enough to provide for accessibility throughout the development.
Convenience StoreRestaurantRetailEspresso Stand
Square Foot5,000-7,500 sq. ft.3,500-5,000 sq. ft.5,000-7,500 sq. ft.300-600 sq. ft.
Minimum Parking Provided2035202
TypeBuild to SuitBuild to SuitBuild to SuitBuild to Suit